Assessment of Parliament as an institution and Members of Parliament

The Scorecard was a tool used to provide critical information about the performance of Parliament and MPs on an annual basis

The Parliamentary Performance Scorecard and Civic Engagement Project

The Parliamentary Performance Scorecard and Civic Engagement Project (PAPSCE) aimed to enhance the democratization process in Uganda through facilitating “Active and Informed citizenry to demand for accountable and responsive leadership”. This was achieved through: 

  1. Generating evidence on the performance of MPs and their Institution (Parliament) for civic engagements. 
  2. Enhancing civic engagements with elected leaders on their roles and performance. 
  3. Improving capacity of partners to utilize and sustain Scorecard and civic engagement benefits beyond donor funding.

The Project objectives were derived from AFLI’s earlier vision of “a stable, democratic and prosperous community rooted on appropriate public policies championed by an effective and accountable leadership”. 

The Project contributed to improving government accountability towards citizens including electoral processes, diversifying political engagement, improving participatory decision making, strengthening citizens’ engagement for government accountability and improving access to information.

It impacted on behaviour of Parliament to recognize the value addition role of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in the legislative sector and willingness to open up Parliament to public scrutiny. This took AFLI’s bold step to assess Parliament periodically and making reports available to the Public in operationalization of the Constitution which makes access to information a right and the Access to Information Act which operationalizes the Constitution.

The Scorecard influenced Parliament to track attendance of committees and the plenary by MPs, response to questions and directives by the Executive and taking stock of productivity of committees of Parliament by the Monitoring and Evaluation Department of Parliament. Furthermore, learning from recording and transcribing proceedings of committees of Parliament, Parliament adopted the same for purpose of documenting accountability committees of parliament.

AFLI through this project supported the development of eight (8) teaching modules on parliamentary studies at Uganda Management Institute (UMI), which will be critical in strengthening capacity building for MPs, parliamentary staff and members of the public who are interested in enhancing their knowledge of parliamentary work.

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