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March 11, 2024/

Karamoja presents a mesmerizing tableau of rugged semi-arid plains interspersed with mountain ranges that gracefully meld into the horizon. Despite the land’s reluctance to yield to agriculture due to its challenging soil and climate, beneath its picturesque hills and sprawling plains lie abundant deposits of various minerals, including marble, gold,…


August 14, 2023/

In a bid to address the escalating challenge of crop pests and diseases facing Karamoja’s transitioning farmers, the Ministry of Agriculture has partnered with the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) to introduce plant clinics in the region. With the shift from cattle rearing to crop farming gaining momentum, these clinics…

Uganda Refugee Survey Shows Low Prevalence of HIV and Strong Progress Towards Controlling the HIV Epidemic

July 26, 2023/

Newly released data from the Uganda Refugee Population-based HIV Impact Assessment (RUPHIA) survey show a low (1.5 percent) prevalence of HIV among adults aged 15 years and older living in Ugandan refugee settlements. RUPHIA also found, that among refugee populations, Uganda is making strong progress towards the Joint United Nations…

Let’s get back to the drawing board on insecurity in Karamoja.

July 21, 2023/

Save for a recent event, the last time there was a mass burial in Karamoja was in 1972, when the government of President Idi Amin killed protesters against his culture policies in present Napak district. These traumatic experiences were relived three weeks ago, when the district local government of Kaabong…

Kenya-Uganda Diplomatic Tensions Over Armed Pastoralists.

July 21, 2023/

The Uganda Security Forces, led by the Uganda People’s Defence Forces, under what is termed ‘intelligence-led disarmament’ conducted a cordon and search operation at Turkana Kraals in Lokeriaut parish, Nadunget Sub-County, Moroto District. The operation was hailed by many as the biggest singular recovery of illegal guns since 2019 with…

CG Musinguzi tells MPs to probe reasons for, not nepotism at URA

July 17, 2023/

MPs on the public accounts committee on commissions, statutory authorities, and state enterprises (PAC-COSASE) have resolved to investigate recruitment irregularities in top positions at Uganda Revenue Authority (URA). Concerns over the lack of national character in the senior positions at the tax body came to the limelight on Friday during…

Rukungiri leaders ask Besigye to reconsider retirement

July 17, 2023/

What you need to know: The leaders openly asked Dr. Besigye to consider returning to an active role in politics. They said that his absence from the political arena has created a noticeable void in all political parties. Rukungiri district leaders belonging to the Forum for Democratic Change party (FDC)…

Parliamentary Performance Monitoring and Civic Engagement.

July 16, 2023/

The Parliamentary Performance Scorecard and Civic Engagement Project (PAPSCE) aimed to strengthen Uganda’s democratization process by fostering active and informed citizenry capable of demanding accountable and responsive leadership. This objective was pursued through the following key strategies: Generation of data: PAPSCE produced evidence-based assessments of the performance of Members of…


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