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August 16, 2023/

In a significant development, warriors in the Karamoja region are gradually embracing the voluntary handover of guns, thanks to dialogues conducted by top security commanders with the warriors. At least four guns have been voluntarily handed over to security forces in the last week, spanning the districts of Napak, Kaabong,…

The Karamoja Question: Are we planning to fail or failing to plan? An analysis of government and CSO interventions from March 2021 to date.

August 14, 2023/

Background On June 15th 2023 the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO), World Food Programme (WFP) and United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), under the auspices of the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC), published a worrying report detailing the status of food insecurity in Karamoja sub-region. The report noted…

CG Musinguzi tells MPs to probe reasons for, not nepotism at URA

July 17, 2023/

MPs on the public accounts committee on commissions, statutory authorities, and state enterprises (PAC-COSASE) have resolved to investigate recruitment irregularities in top positions at Uganda Revenue Authority (URA). Concerns over the lack of national character in the senior positions at the tax body came to the limelight on Friday during…

Parliamentary Performance Monitoring and Civic Engagement.

July 16, 2023/

The Parliamentary Performance Scorecard and Civic Engagement Project (PAPSCE) aimed to strengthen Uganda’s democratization process by fostering active and informed citizenry capable of demanding accountable and responsive leadership. This objective was pursued through the following key strategies: Generation of data: PAPSCE produced evidence-based assessments of the performance of Members of…

Assessment of Parliament as an institution and Members of Parliament

July 7, 2023/

The Scorecard was a tool used to provide critical information about the performance of Parliament and MPs on an annual basis The Parliamentary Performance Scorecard and Civic Engagement Project The Parliamentary Performance Scorecard and Civic Engagement Project (PAPSCE) aimed to enhance the democratization process in Uganda through facilitating “Active and…


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