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August 3, 2023/

Strengthening the participation of indigenous pastoral communities in decisionmaking in mineral resource governance and equitable benefits sharing in mineralextractive industry in Karamoja Sub-Region. AFLI secured funds from USAID/EWMI Uganda Civil Society Strengthening Activity(CSSA) to implement a project titled “Improving Pastoral Communities’ Engagementin Decision making processes in Mineral Resource Governance (PACED)”…

HIV/AIDS Services Among Refugees and Host Communities

July 16, 2023/

The Africa Leadership Institute (AFLI) is executing a comprehensive five-year HIV/AIDS services project in Yumbe District, Uganda. Titled “Attaining and Sustaining HIV Epidemic Control in Refugee and Host Communities,” the initiative aims to achieve the UNAIDS 95:95:95 targets through optimized high-impact interventions. Project Scope and Duration: Timeline: April 1, 2021,…

Thinktank and Policy Advisory Support to Operation Wealth Creation.

July 16, 2023/

Effective October 2022, the Africa Leadership Institute (AFLI) established a strategic partnership with the Executive Office of the President of the Republic of Uganda. This collaboration leverages AFLI’s expertise in providing think tank, policy analysis, and action-oriented research support. Under this partnership, AFLI’s Executive Director, along with other professional staff…

Conflict Transformation, Peace and Cross-border Resource Sharing

July 16, 2023/

The project focused on the Ateker people: Ethnolinguistic Background: The Ateker people, also known as the Itung’a-speaking Nilotic group (formerly referred to as Nilo-Hamites), trace their historical roots to the Nile Valley in Egypt and a region between the Blue and White Niles in present-day Sudan. Geographic Distribution: They currently…

Parliamentary Performance Monitoring and Civic Engagement.

July 16, 2023/

The Parliamentary Performance Scorecard and Civic Engagement Project (PAPSCE) aimed to strengthen Uganda’s democratization process by fostering active and informed citizenry capable of demanding accountable and responsive leadership. This objective was pursued through the following key strategies: Generation of data: PAPSCE produced evidence-based assessments of the performance of Members of…

Assessment of Parliament as an institution and Members of Parliament

July 7, 2023/

The Scorecard was a tool used to provide critical information about the performance of Parliament and MPs on an annual basis The Parliamentary Performance Scorecard and Civic Engagement Project The Parliamentary Performance Scorecard and Civic Engagement Project (PAPSCE) aimed to enhance the democratization process in Uganda through facilitating “Active and…

Improving Pastoral Communities’ Engagement in Decision making processesin Mineral Resource Governance

July 7, 2023/

The Africa Leadership Institute (AFLI), with funding from USAID/EWMI Uganda Civil Society Strengthening Activity (CSSA), implemented a year-long project titled “Promoting Active Community Engagement in Decision-Making for Mineral Resource Governance (PACED)” from January to December 2023. This initiative focused on the districts of Moroto and Kaabong within Uganda’s Karamoja Sub-Region.…


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