AFLI’s: Building Blocks To Financial Success

Built with a background in professional financial services American Financial Literacy Institute’s team understands the undertaking and stressors of dealing with finances. We have built a 4 Part system that focuses on building a firm foundation in education, and opens up an array of opportunities to attack you finances head on. We are unique in that our system is completely free and offers different ways to access our educational platform: through in person workshops, online and mobile access to videos, tools, and up to date articles on the financial industry as a whole, not to mention the fact that each individual will have an opportunity to meet one of our professionals one-on-one for a planning session so that no stone is un-turned.

We help organizations:

Reduce Employee Turnover

Added benefit to supporting your employee’s financial needs

Provide Access To More Than Just Basic Benefits

Benefits are great but option to fit the individual are better

Improve Workforce Wellness

Help your employees feel better about their finances and lives


What the research says

According to a 2014 Financial Finesse Research Report, over 83% of employees surveyed feel that their financial situation is not under control

A 2010 Federal Reserve study revealed that businesses on average lose up to $5,000 per year employee due to lost productivity, absenteeism, and health care related issues caused by stress.

Employee financial stress costs US companies more than $300 billion dollars a year.


The Process

How We Start:

We meet with the leaders in the company to assess the most important aspects of our program that fit for you company and the best ways for AFLI to connect with your employees. We have provided solutions for many different sized companies so not organization is to small our big for us to handle.


After determining the needs for your company, we design a customized approach that will beneficial to each individual within your company, not a one and done or cookie cutter approach to helping address your employee’s financial concerns.

What we offer:

Employee financial education workshops

Four part series addressing financial basics

  • Understanding Your Money
  • Solving The Insurance Maze
  • Investing 101
  • Retirement Planning Basics

Each workshop includes AFLI’s booklet series covering each topic

Online & Mobile access to our education database (videos, articles, tools)

One-on-One Planning Sessions

Our solutions:

After building a basic financial education we meet with the individual to determine the best solution for their needs. They will have to opportunity to work with professionals with over 20 years industry experience in finances. We provide ongoing access to our organization for everyday questions, database access, and professional advice 24/7.

Our Culture:

We were created on a passion for addressing the lack of financial education in this country and we want to deliver a culture shift to your organization. Bringing our passion to your organization you can expect an experience that changes the outlook of your employees, and helps them manage their financial futures with more certainties and less stress on the what ifs.

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