The National Lotteries and Gaming Regulatory Board (NLGRB) is under scrutiny over the manner in which contracts were awarded at the body.

Ronald Kimanje, a Records Officer at NLGRB told the Public Accounts Committee on Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises that he resigned from a contracts committee due interference from his superiors.

While appearing before the committee on Thursday, 03 August 2023, Kimanje blamed the Ag.CEO Denis Ngabirano for putting him under constant pressure and also blamed him for delayed procurements.

Kimanje said that some procurements were delayed due to limited sittings by the contracts committee which he attributed to lack of quorum.
“The one time we made quorum, I offered to be the committee secretary. When writing the minutes, we noted that certain documents were needed to fulfill a procurement. The CEO asked for the minutes but I could not avail them because they had not been approved by the committee,” Kimanje said.333

Kimanje (L) said that there was a delay in awarding contracts due to lack of quorum

He said he received reports from workmates that he had been blamed for affecting the progress of contracts.
“People undermine corridor talk but they give you a lot of information.  I saw that the constant probing about my presence on the committee as interference. That is why I resigned,” Kimanje added.

Committee Chairperson, Hon. Joel Ssenyonyi tasked Ngabirano to defend himself against the allegations made about him.

Ngabirano said he continually pressured the contracts committee over their delays in holding sittings to consider procurements.

He added that he wrote a letter asking Kimanje explain the delays.
“It had nothing to do with me interfering or trying to influence the approval of any company. My response to his [Kimanje] letter was to substantiate. As per PPDA laws, I am entirely responsible for the procurement process,” Ngabirano said.

Ngabirano (C) said the officer was blackmailing him

He cited the allegations on him as blackmail.
“This is blackmail from the officer because I gave a response to his letter that has never been replied,” Ngabirano added.

Deborah Kituyi, the Head of Legal Affairs at the National Lotteries and Gaming Regulatory Board said that the delay in awarding contracts was attributed to limited committee sittings.

She attributed the absence of committee members for meetings to other responsibilities like field duties.
“The CEO has never instructed us to award a contract to a particular service provider. What happened was the delay in processing the minutes of the Committee as Kimanje has pointed out,” she said.

Source; Parliament of Uganda

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