Male MPs launch forum to fight for the boy child.

Male MPs launch forum to fight for the boy child.

A section of the Male Members of Parliament has launched a new association dubbed Uganda Men Parliament Association (UMEPA) to advocate for the rights of a boy child as well as address some of the challenges they face.

While speaking at the launch in Kampala on July 20, Mr Alex Kintu Brandon, the chairperson of UMEPA, said a boy child has been so neglected in the country and therefore there is a need to give them a platform through which they can fight for their rights.

“As legislators, we thought it would be very necessary to have a supporting voice, we know we are very courageous as men but we do go through a lot. Sometimes, you may reach home and you don’t talk to your wife because of stress. This forum I believe will help us to address some of our challenges,” he said.

Mr Brandon added that although there are many forums in existence, as legislators they see a very big gap in addressing boy child problems.

“As a forum, we are going to do the continuity of those forums that are in existence within all structures both at local and international levels. We also want a voice, a space and balanced thinking that when you are a man, and you are frustrated, you don’t have to go home and beat your woman,” he noted.

Similarly, Mr Hillary Kiyaga alias Dr Hilderman, a UMEPA committee member, said the girl child has been empowered more than boys, especially in all government programs starting with education.  

“When we have that imbalance in empowerment, there comes a great effect in the future. So, we had to champion the drive and awaken the men and remind them that we are here to fight for them,” he said.

Joyce Nakato, a representative from Uganda Youth and Adolescent Health Forum also urged the public that whenever they give out support to girls, they should as well consider the boy child because they play an important role in nation-building.

“Most of these young people go through many challenges such as issues of drug abuse, unemployment, and early marriages. They are not only affecting the girl child but also the boys because there is no way the girl can become pregnant minus the boy,” she noted.

Ms Safia Nalule, chairperson Equal Opportunity Commission, urged the Member of Parliament to use political spaces and laws as well as have partnerships with other institutions to empower a boy child.

Source; Daily Monitor

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