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Help us drive our mission to financially educate America.

The American Financial Literacy Institute was founded on one principal, to help more Americans see the prosperity they work so hard to try to achieve. Often times, there are obstacles in their way and with a sound financial education, they may easily side-step those obstacles to achieve their goals and realize their dreams.

We believe a healthy society is one that experiences superior physical and mental health. Good health comes from self-discipline, self-desire, and self-motivation to reach mental and physical health goals. There are many aspects to achieving this: what we eat, how much exercise we get, how clean our water and air are that we take in, how happy and content we are which effects our level of stress, and so much more. Financial concerns, goals and desires play a major role in mental and physical wellness.  This is why we are seeking partners to offer invaluable knowledge and experience to the people we serve. Participation may include access to proprietary articles and videos as well as both on-site and virtual workshops.

Our plan is to grow AFLI into a portal network of experts in their fields covering a wide range of wellness related subject matter to inspire more Americans to realize a happy, healthy, and content life.

Does our initiative inspire you?

If our mission sounds like it parallels your motivations in business, then we encourage you to consider becoming an authorized educator. There are many benefits to partnership.

  • Exposure to potential customers on-line
  • Exposure to potential customers at the workshops you help facilitate
  • Synergistic relationships with other providers
  • Free marketing and public relations
  • Credibility in the community
  • Access to experts in the realm of branding and marketing your company
  • Collaborative event planning and exposure

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