Report On The Joint Security Mission By Kenya And Uganda

Report On The Joint Security Mission By Kenya And Uganda

The Joint Security Mission between Uganda and Kenya was initiated due to an appeal by the Kenyan President to the Ugandan President, following complaints from a Kenyan MP about the mistreatment and detention of Turkana pastoralists in Uganda. This appeal also called for strict adherence to a 2019 Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aimed at promoting cross-border peace and development.

In response, both presidents directed a joint team from Kenya and Uganda to visit Moroto, Uganda, to address security concerns. General Caleb Akandwanaho from Uganda was appointed to lead the mission, facilitating discussions to review and align the MoU with current issues and expedite its implementation.

During the opening session, General Akandwanaho emphasized the need for honest and open discussions. Uganda’s delegation leader, General Jim Muhwezi, highlighted the importance of harmonious coexistence and cooperation between the two nations, especially in cross-border programs for peace and socio-economic development.

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