It can be pretty amazing when we actually figure out how much money we make over a lifetime. With all that earned income, why aren’t we financially independent?  As we discussed earlier, there are a lot of reasons, and lots of excuses, as to why we are struggling. Putting our money to work through careful planning gives us greater control over our financial futures. Many of us fail to take control, instead blaming ourselves for not making enough money: If I earned more, my financial problems would go away.  Almost everyone thinks that they should be making more than they do, or that they are underpaid.  However, very little seems to do with how much we actually make. Instead, it’s what we do with our money that matters; like making good decisions on how to spend it, and putting it to work as hard as we worked for it.  Remember, as mentioned earlier, there are only two sources of income: People at Work and Money at Work.