Thinktank and Policy Advisory Support to Operation Wealth Creation.

Thinktank and Policy Advisory Support to Operation Wealth Creation.

Effective October 2022, the Africa Leadership Institute (AFLI) established a strategic partnership with the Executive Office of the President of the Republic of Uganda. This collaboration leverages AFLI’s expertise in providing think tank, policy analysis, and action-oriented research support.

Under this partnership, AFLI’s Executive Director, along with other professional staff and board members, acts as a Principal Advisor to General (Rt.) Salim Saleh.  General Saleh holds the esteemed position of Senior Presidential Advisor for Defense and National Security, while concurrently serving as the Chief Coordinator of Operation Wealth Creation (OWC).

The AFLI-OWC partnership aligns with the Ugandan government’s ongoing reform and restructuring initiatives.  General Saleh, in his capacity as OWC-Chief Coordinator, plays a crucial role within the APEX coordination mechanism, a central body driving Uganda’s economic transformation.

The collaboration aims to equip the Executive Office with the necessary resources to effectively manage the government apparatus.  Through the provision of think tank services, policy analysis, and evidence-based research, AFLI supports the OWC-Chief Coordinator in identifying areas requiring improvement and presenting potential corrective actions to the President and the APEX leadership.

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