Values & Principles


AFLI was founded to promote four (4) Core Values: integrity, diversity, equity, and openness. These form the fundamental values, philosophy, and principles that guide AFLI’s work.

We believe in transparency and accountability. Being self-aware, accountable, responsible, honest, and having strong moral principles unify us as an undivided team. In light of this, we approach every task, every conversation, and every learning opportunity with honesty and the desire to learn and do what is right.

We respect and appreciate differences in age, gender, ethnicity, education, physical abilities, race, culture, lifestyle, and religion among individuals. We recognize diversity as a source of strength and work to champion inclusive attitudes and encourage the adoption of inclusive approaches that lead to the full and meaningful participation of all.

We believe that there are certain things that people should have, that their basic needs should be fulfilled, that burdens and rewards should be spread across the community, and that policy should be directed with impartiality, fairness, and justice toward these ends.

We are open and transparent in implementing our programs and interact with all stakeholders, partners, donors, government, and communities.


Work Hours

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