For a better quality of life championed by responsive and accountable leadership.

Africa leadership institute (AFLI) is a Parliamentary Monitoring Organization (PMO) that is a learning, research, and advocacy think tank which also implements socio-economic development initiatives for improved human wellbeing, particularly among peripheral and cross border communities in the Horn, East Africa and Great Lakes Region (GLR). Registered as an NGO in 2004, AFLI programs focus on addressing the gap in policy research leading to evidence based advocacy, civic engagements between leaders as duty bearers, and citizens as rights holders. It offers strategic think-tank advisory support services to government and other development actors, supports informed decision making and accountablity in leadership. It advocates for establishment of community based information management systems to influence behavioral change at household and community levels. It also  actively participates in referral systems strengthening and community – facility linkages in service delivery, thereby contributing to Transparency, Accountability and Anti-corruption leading to better health and socio-economic outcomes. 

On the one hand, AFLI’s goal is to ensure that those mandated (obligated) to serve the public, protect people’s rights, make the laws, approve budgets and provide services, actually take informed decisions in fulfil their obligations at household and community levels, in local and national governments or in regional and international development agencies. 

The Institute also makes significant contributions in empowering communities by enabling the rights-holders access digestible information, and make good use of services, favorable policies, legal and socio-economic enabling environments to take informed choices on expanded opportunities to improve their own wellbeing. 

Through its zonal field office in Moroto municipality, AFLI has gained significant experience from its current work on issues of land rights and complimentary livelihoods initiatives in Moroto and Kaabong districts. This is enabling empowered Pastoral community land associations (CLAs) and District Local governments, to use their registered lands as equity or strategic bargaining resources to gain entry into the emerging mining extractive industries, tourism and commercial agricultural (crop and livestock) economies in the Karamoja region.

Our Zonal Office in Yumbe is uniquely making a contribution to improvement of quality of life of persons infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. Our Staff are engaged on expanding access and uptake of comprehensive HIV/AIDS services among South Sudanese refugees and host communities in West Nile region. Activities such as lost-to-follow and bringing back to treatment of index clients, supporting improved home based, community and health facility-based care and treatment; confidentiality and improved coordination leading to increase in adherence; are all contributing to the strengthening of community-facility linkages in the district.

AFLI’s Theory of Change is therefore anchored on two mutually reinforcing fundamentals. We belief that the improved wellbeing of individuals and communities can only be realized when leaders at the top, who are mandated to serve people’s interests, and uphold their rights, become responsive and accountable, while the community members on their part, become active in holding their leaders accountable, play their respective roles and responsibilities in making use of services, information and opportunities provided to better their own quality of life.


Secure, healthy, and prosperous communities where people flourish being governed by effective, responsive, and accountable leadership.



To educate and empower communities and positively influence their leaders for a better quality of life.



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