It’s time to get the education you need to succeed. 

We spend a significant portion of our lives coping with financial matters, but receive virtually no formal instruction on how to deal with our finances. According to the American Psychology Association, an estimated 60% of illnesses can be tied to financial stress, and is the leading cause of unhealthy behaviors like drugs, smoking, weight gain, or alcoholism. In these uncertain times, it is important to be able to make sound financial decisions for yourself and your family. Here is your opportunity to give yourself a lifelong benefit that can greatly enhance your financial future.

What to expect

Our workshops range in subject matter but all revolve around helping more people get control of their finances, leverage the financial tools available to them, and to ultimately help more Americans reach their full earning potential. Our financial and insurance workshops may include:

  • Understanding Your Money
    • The Problem
    • Lifetime Earnings
    • Importance of a budget
    • Debt Management
    • Emergency Cash FundThe Power of Saving & Goal Setting
  • Solving the Insurance Maze
    • What Insurance Do I Need?
    • Insurance with Living Benefits Protection
    • Term v. Cash Value
    • What is a LIRP
  • Investing 101
    • 401K/IRA/ROTH
    • What is Your Strategy?
    • Taxes
    • Avoiding Losses
    • Diversification
  • Retirement Planning Basics
    • How Much Do I Need to Retire?
    • Social Security
    • Wills and Trusts

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