Increase loyalty, reduce stress, lower healthcare costs, create
a more engaged membership base, and positively impact your organization.

It is important for individuals to make sound financial decisions for themselves and their families. However, most adults receive virtually no formal education on how to cope with financial matters. According to a 2014 Financial Finesse Research Report, over 83% of employees surveyed feel that their financial situation is not under control, with 23% feeling very overwhelmed. Money Magazine has termed this “The Great Insecurity”. A 2010 Federal Reserve study revealed that businesses on average lose up to $5,000 per year employee due to lost productivity, absenteeism, and health care related issues caused by stress.

The Benefits of Financial Education for Members of Your Organization

  • Positively Impacts Members
  • Increased Participation, Loyalty, and Attendance
  • Increasing Confidence in Making Sound Financial Decisions
  • Creates Better Membership Retention
  • Helps Members Prepare for Retirement

What Organization Members Can Expect To Learn

  • Learning to build a proper budget
  • Ideas for finding an extra $200, $ 300, $400 per month
  • Tips for reducing debt and understanding a debt management plan
  • Implementing a savings strategy, such as the 50/30/20 plan
  • Learning how to develop financial goals
  • Discovering the best insurance secret ever
  • Determining which Insurance is needed
  • Which is better for you, term or cash value?
  • Understanding how much life insurance one needs
  • Understanding retirement plan options
  • Learning how taxes matter
  • How to reduce taxes on Social Security Income
  • Planning an investment strategy
  • Tips for successful investing, reducing risk and avoiding losses
  • Determining one’s retirement ‘number’ and understanding Social Security
  • Learning what every ‘will’ needs
  • Learning about trusts and if one is needed

Workshop Block Discussion

Our workshops range in subject matter but all revolve around helping more people get control of their finances, leverage the financial tools available to them, and to ultimately help more Americans reach their full earning potential. Our financial and insurance workshops may include:

  • Understanding Your Money
    • The Problem
    • Lifetime Earnings
    • Importance of a budget
    • Debt Management
    • Emergency Cash FundThe Power of Saving & Goal Setting
  • Solving the Insurance Maze
    • What Insurance Do I Need?
    • Insurance with Living Benefits Protection
    • Term v. Cash Value
    • What is a LIRP
  • Investing 101
    • 401K/IRA/ROTH
    • What is Your Strategy?
    • Taxes
    • Avoiding Losses
    • Diversification
  • Retirement Planning Basics
    • How Much Do I Need to Retire?
    • Social Security
    • Wills and Trusts

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