Employee Financial Stress costs companies $450 billion annually in lost productivity. We’re here to fix the problem.

Give your employees financial wellness.

Let’s face it, the education system in the United States misses the boat on one of the most important and valuable subjects every American should be well versed in: finances. It’s our mission to help more people understand their finances, plan for their futures, make strides to get ahead, realize their potential and experience the prosperity they are working so hard to achieve.

We believe the smartest place to make an impact is within companies like yours. This is why we offer unbiased, informative financial workshops, a proprietary further education portal and one-on-one consultations that encourage action.

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We offer group workshops for company employees and members of organizations. Our workshops provide financial education and offer one-on-one consultations if requested.

Ideal for Human Resources departments to offer on-premises financial education to employees improving moral, corporate perception, reducing team member stress around personal finance, and improving performance and productivity in the workplace.

Perfect for membership organizations to offer financial education as a membership benefit. Financial workshops add significant value and provide a priceless resource to members thereby improving livelihood.

Don’t be one of these statistics.

Trust American Financial Literacy Institute to help educate you on the financial tools available to drive your prosperity.


Emergency Funds

According to the Social Security Administration, 68% of adult Americans have no savings for an emergency. Are you prepared?

Paycheck to Paycheck

According to CNN, 76% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. What is your plan to protect yourself if you become injured or unable to work for an extended period of time?

Workplace Distraction

Over 86% of employees surveyed by Financial Fitness cited financial stress as the #1 cause of distraction in the workplace. Are your finances keeping you from being focused on your goals?

Important Assets

90% of working people feel that “earning a paycheck” is their most important financial asset, but more than half have no plan to handle a disability.
* Employee Benefits Research Institute report indicated that for every $1.00 spent on employee financial education resulted in $3.00 return on investment.